Wednesday, May 16, 2012

War Within

I gave you the best of me. You continued to test this of me.
The promise you made to me. The image it saved me.
I continued to strive. I continued to defeat.
My love for you blossomed like roses in concrete.
And like ashes scattered, I am now ocean deep.
I know what it feels like, to be burned at my peak.
When all that I wanted, was all that I deserved.
I put down my gauntlet, retired and preserved.
Let there be lessons of a battle that was fought.
Lessons of battles within me.
The war that was bought.
I loved you with all my heart. Do know this.
I never turned my back once, until you did.
In many ways, fate tells me to go.
Countless nights I screamed while my heart turned cold.
Why did you not fight for me?
Why did you let go?
I was treated like a mercenary with no specific role.
But, to assassinate and kill, this was my goal.
And so I put down my armor and give you my shield.
The blood on my sword, from battles of deals.
My love goes out to some, but never to many.
This I hope you know, as you punish the empty.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Removing the Book from the Face...

Facebook...the billion user interface that has remarkably managed to change the way humans interact with each other on the day to day. That's not nearly a way to describe what Facebook is, or better yet, what it has become. Some would argue that it's one of the world's greatest websites. Some would suggest it's the world's most greatest demise.

We look at the things that make Facebook successful: Billions of user profiles with searchable content from our lives. All this key content then used to target, control, and persuade our buying habits and the way we consume. Ad dollars pour in from politics and big corporations, who all want a piece of the pie because they believe that Facebook can't be challenged.

Well, it's no secret that the key to bringing Facebook down, is to remove the "Book" from the "Faces." It's a pretty simple idea, yet no one's ever realized this, except for Facebook itself.
The, "Book," is that rich content they have on its users. Content includes, Likes, Photos, Bios, Work info, Status, Networks, Location...etc. The, "Face," itself...well, that's you and I. That's our profile picture staring at our network of friends in the face, or if your settings are on "Public" then you're picture is looking at everyone. Separate the two out, you're left with the key of taking down Facebook, and that's been evident in created sites like, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, foursquare, and Match.

The buyout of Instagram by Facebook, only proves a great point. That is simply to kill an idea only because of threat or monetary gain. Clearly those two concepts were packaged in one for Facebook, like killing two birds with one stone. All Instagram is, is a simple way for people to post pictures to friends. There's really nothing more to it, aside from making the experience easy and a little more fun. You don't hear the stories of stalkers pinpointing your locations by removing geotags from your photos on Instagram either, unlike you do with Facebook. You don't hear about companies that you're interviewing for a job at, trying to pry into your photos looking to see if you're the right person to fit their culture. You don't get people seeing your photos that aren't really your friends, but they are your friends because you feel bad if you don't add them to your profile on know...those people.

Twitter was a phenomenon that I feel a lot of people have lost wind of. Essentially, it removed the status updates from Facebook and packaged it better to include trending talks, ideas, and locational whereabouts of friends. This was probably the creator of this concept of, Removing the Book from the Face.

What else can we remove and repackage on Facebook? Simple...EVERYTHING. We can take games and put them on dedicated app plattforms that lets users sync up. We can take Bios and make them specifically tailored to relationship matching, We can even take the professional aspects of our careers and package that specifically into something like We can take our locational whereabouts and let our friends on foursquare know where we really are.

After the content is gone, what is going to be left on Facebook? I have a profile that has over 600 "Friends." Some of whom I never get a chance to read about because they never update their pages anymore. I love the fact that these people are all able to connect to me at some level, or vice versa, but when will that ever be necessary for the average person to need or want access to hundreds of people at once? What Facebook will be left with is a picture of me and old content from my loving Facebook days of goes on.

The onset of competitors continues to pick apart the Book of Facebook, and I believe that the site itself cannot sustain without crashing. Facebook will probably be the world's most overpriced stock in a month and that will be sad because the system will eventually sink it. There has never been anything in the history of our civilization, in where something with so much power and size, has NOT fallen.

I'm excited to see this happen in 3 years time.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Crack for Small Businesses

Deal Websites for Local Businesses 

Monday, August 2, 2010

I'm Back!

"I used to, get punked and bullied on my block
til I cut a kitten's head off and stuck it in this kid's mailbox"

Ok, Eminem is crazy...well, back then his lyrics were fuckin ill. And, it sold, he was brilliant. I mean, let's face say this and try to get away with it...

"So I just, throw up a middle finger and let it linger
longer than the rumor that I was stickin it to Christina
Cause if I ever stuck it to any singer in showbiz
it'd be Jennifer Lopez, and Puffy you know this!"


Analyzing this song further, you can really feel the pain and conviction in his voice when he spits. He'll tell a story and build it up, touch on your emotions a bit, builds vision.... then he stops, gets you to laugh (comic relief), and ends his shit. It's a real compelling drama, almost Shakespearian, wouldn't you agree?

There are definitely a lot of songs that have these dramatic stages, but none that can deliver so hypnotically. He's on beat, in rhythm, and lacing up words that shouldn't go together, but now do.
Just my thoughts for the night.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

San Francisco, I'm home.

I came back home to your open arms.
I was ready for you to be a different city. In so many ways, you are, but somethings never change about you. You give me hell, yet you give me life. I've dropped everything I've owned, just to live with you, on your terms. Make me successful was all I could ask for. Make me the man you molded me into...a star that shines on a concrete sky. Tell me more about your dark secrets and your stormy history. Help me understand how to feel the heartbeat of everyone in the room. Help me see my destiny unfold in your horizon.
I was ready for life here. I gave it my all. I've lived through tragedies and heartlessness. I've experienced love and shamelessness. I've seen the growth of souls, as barrels of wine age and soak.
Loyalty was all you asked for, and I couldn't deliver that to you. I shunned you away for 9 years, thinking that would be ok. I never knew I would love another love like you, until the day I came back and didn't find you. I found a new land. One that matured, or maybe it was I that has taken shape and changed to no longer wait for the Tuesday bell at noon
Gravity has drawn me here.... So, that I may relearn why leaders chose to follow. I realize that even though we've grown old together, we are now different in so many ways. I will strive to understand you again. I will attempt to energize those around me. I will attempt to resurrect the grounds beneath me. To provide compassion to those that helped to make me. To live one more day as life's gift, will save me.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

83 Proof

I have to give props to what's become one of my favorite bars in SF -

Since I am forbidden to write reviews on Yelp (Yelp Sales Staff have strict rules on this...) I still feel compelled to tell the world that this place is where creativity is found in complex drinks.

Mark, I cannot express the gratitude that I have for you helping me understand good spirits. Tonight, we explored the 19th Potrero. Amazing. Creating a manhattan out of this base was perfect. Maraschino cherries to garnish was a great compliment to this refreshing, almost "Uptown" style manhattan.

Next, I asked mark to create a real rooty drink. Something with a very bitter undertone, reminiscent of Chinese herbal type of liquer. So, what did he make? He introduced me to Cynar
Mixed that with a little sweet vermouth, bitters, and Aperol. WOAH...was that super on point.
I was surprised to find out how many people just didn't understand that these drinks could be made. 3 people immediate glanced at my drink to ask me, "what the hell is that?" I responded, "Yah know, you just have to tell him how you're feeling, and he'll make you something that's best suited for you....this one is a secret drink to my pallet"

Giving a good wink and having people curious is what I love about the culture of old fashioned recipes. I mean, these drinks have been formulated from 100's of years ago. Dating back to early 1900's. Even late 1800's when strong "Bronx" type of drinks were created in New York.
I almost feeling like screaming on the top of San Francisco's highest peak, "There are better drinks in this world people!"

Monday, June 7, 2010

Is this how you dreamed....

Is this how you dreamed of it?
dark clouds shadowing your doubts of seein' rich.
Is this how you dreamed of it?
Watching the views from the top while you feelin it.
Is this how you dreamed of it?
Searching for the day where you say, "i'm beamin and..."
Is this how you dreamed of it?
Well I don't know, but I know, one day I'm redeeming it.
Is this how you dreamed of it?
Dark souls, artful, Yes I'm dreamin it.